Depending on the size of the country office, functions are allocated. Whenever possible: money for partners flows through country offices.

For Finance we see two types of country offices for 2017: Small: with hired Finance capacity from others (Rwanda and Malawi) and Medium: with own Finance capacity (Kenya and Burundi).

Small Office

  • Outsource if possible (for example hiring ICCO staff)
  • Tracking of office expenditure
  • Local salaries and tax/legal issues
  • Bank transactions
  • More support Zwolle: financial reports country offices, finance (systems) audits partners, assessment partners annual budget & financial reports, support fundraising/proposal development

Medium Office

Same functionality as with the small office, but in addition to that:

  • Financial program reports
  • Annual budgets
  • Financial audits partners
  • Financial input local fundraising

Small: The book keeping of income, expenses, salaries, and taxes is done by the hired finance person in Pluriform. Bank issues and related relations with government agencies is handled by them as well. Transfer requests from partner organizations are collected and submitted to HQ.

Medium: On top of the small scale affairs, HAC Country financial program reports and annual budgets are prepared and submitted for approval to HQ. Use of the project portal of partners is stimulated and quality checked by the local Finance person . Financial audits and capacity building is offered to partner organizations. Financial input for local fundraising opportunities is expected.

HQ Finance based on input from the wider fundraiser makes an annual budget framework for each country, both for the running of the country organization and the program spending. Next to that an important part of the HQ function is quality control in a wider sense with emphasis on financial audits. Also it provides analyses and benchmark data. For small country organizations the medium finance role is provided. Country budgets and annual reports will be assessed and consolidated. Financial and related policies (like procurement and fraud policies) are set by HQ Finance. Also value management and IATI publishing are the responsibility of HQ Finance.

Zwolle is responsible for the development of the Africa finance manual. Country offices are responsible for the implementation/compliance

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HAC Finance Manual

This manual describes rules and procedures for all financial related matters from the HAC Country Offices and its projectimplementation.

HAC Financial Guidelines and Procedures  

Financial guidelines and procedures for partners of Help a Child

HAC Procurement Policy

This memo sets out the policy for procurement of Help a Child

ICT manual

Use for sharing of files and backup of own files

Pluriform manual

Project Portal manual

Anti Fraud and Corruption

The anti fraud and corruption policy of Help a Child

HAC Memo Use of Program Vehicle                

Guidelines in order to assure that the HAC program vehicles are used effectively and efficiently