Country offices find local opportunities, Zwolle office evaluates, allocates necessary resources and coordinators global calls

Zwolle Office

  • · Coordinates global and multi-country calls
  • · Allocates resources to proposal development processes
  • · Does quality check
  • · Identifies global fundraising opportunities

Country offices

  • · Make local IF strategy
  • · Scan local fundraising opportunities
  • · Handle local grant management with support Zwolle
  • · Track record as much as possible local

IF is one of the areas where we need to keep in mind our current (small) country setup. Following up possible funding opportunities with research, writing, financial and PMEL input will need resources that are limited. This needs a central point of overview and allocation.

In practice this means that country offices will scan local fundraising opportunities and bring that to the Zwolle MT via the Zwolle IF-department for a decision to continue. With the approval of the Zwolle MT necessary resources will be allocated. Global fundraising opportunities will be scanned by IF Zwolle.

IF Zwolle is responsible for an organizational IF strategy whereas Country Offices are responsible for their own local IF strategy (and IF Zwolle can provide support for this).

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REK IF Strategy

Describes roles and responsibilities between Zwolle and Country office.

Country Office IF strategy

[to be developed]

Decision form MT funding opportunities