The CPD is responsible for the country program management, Zwolle supports the country office and does quality audits.

Zwolle Office

  • Supports on demand
  • Does quality audits
    - System audits
    - PMEL audits
    - Financial audits
    - Program audits / evaluations

Country offices

Within framework of country annual plan responsible for:

  • Partner annual plans & budgets, progress reports, project evaluations, field visits, partner identification and selection, partner contracts, area selection, partner PMEL.
  • Idem for own projects
  • Country office reports on 6 months basis on the (consolidated) country annual plan to Zwolle

This section is part of the HAC Country Offices mandate division


Relevant documents

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Organisational Standards Assessment

PMEL audit

[to be developed]

Financial system audit

[to be developed] both for partners and country offices

Program audit / evaluations

[to be developed]

Partner documents

See Program Manual

Report format country program

To be developed