SUMMARY: Global HAC strategy is set in Zwolle with participation and consultation from the country offices. Country strategy is made at country level and approved by the MT.

Zwolle Office

  • Sets global strategy
  • Sets minimum standards
  • Main participation/consultation happens twice a year in a meeting with MT and CPD’s

Country Offices

  • Make multi-annual country plan: face to face discussion -> approval MT
  • Country annual plan: MT agenda item

This section is part of the HAC Country Offices mandate division


Relevant Documents

Mission and vision

Our mission and vision in core texts.

Policy Plan 2016 -2020

Compass document for the period 2016-2020

REK Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change, the theoretical conceptual framework that underpins our approach.

Strategic highlights 2017


Partner organization policy

[to be developed]

Country portfolio policy

[to be developed]

Constituency policy

[to be developed]

Funding policy

[to be developed] for both IF and NL

L&A Policy

Summary Tiny Doc

PMEL Policy


Child protection policy


Corporate visibility strategy + house style

[in development]

Country Strategy plan template

Template for HAC country offices strategic plan

Country Annual plan template

Template for HAC country offices annual plan

Country Budget template

Template for HAC country offices budget