Help a Child wants every child to have a loving and dignified existence and a promising future. Every child means every child. Also children with disabilities. For the coming years, HAC has set itself the goal of inclusion of children with disabilities in its community based programmes. Children with a disability will also be selected as sponsorship ambassadors for the Community Ambassador Model (CAM). A new sponsorship product will be developed, ‘sponsorship plus’ to cover the extra costs which will be involved to include the children with disabilities.

The first document 'Disability Inclusive Development HaC' is meant for country offices and partner organisations to give information on the trajectory of HAC, about the general concept of disability inclusive development and answer the most frequent asked specific questions of partners of HAC about disability inclusion. 

The second document, Annex 28, is one of the program requirement annexes as part of our program manual. These guidelines describe a number of elements that can lead towards the inclusion of vulnerable groups such disabled children.